Thursday, September 2, 2010

Organized Bathroom

I have a long list of places in my home that I feel need to be organized. The coat closet, pantry, linen closet, upstairs bathroom, office, etc.. We have something BIG happening at our house in about a month and I want to be cleaned up, organized and ready when it happens. I'm even organizing places that won't be effected in a month. But I'm okay with that.
I am a thinker, plotter, planner type of person. When I know something is going to happen I want to be ready for it. Like RIGHT NOW! I like for things to be in order. With lists and labels. Sometimes this is good, other times when I think things need to be done RIGHT NOW I get started on one thing, think of another that needs to be done and go there. So I have several random projects going all over the house all at the same time. On occasion I get all my projects done before the Tall Man comes home and he never knows what our home looked like. Other times he comes home in the middle of three or four random projects and probably thinks "What the crap?!?!"
Anyway, back to be getting organized. I am working slowly on my list. I have the junk drawer in my kitchen organized, you can see that here. My next project was upstairs in our master bathroom, under my sink. There was makeup and hair product all over the place. With just the right humidity I have what I call "an afro on a white girl" so I require some serious hair stuff. Heat resistant cream so I can blow dry, then straighten and then curl. Thank goodness guys probably don't read this because we'd be hearing another round of "What the crap?!?!" But you ladies know I'm not crazy when I say I have to straighten then curl my hair. Right???
So here is a look at what I was dealing with before.
I had some of these plastic bins around the house from the Dollar Tree. They've had various different jobs in my house and now get to corral my hair stuff and lotions.
I'm not a big makeup girl. I'm happy with mascara, blush and a little lip gloss. So I keep it all in this red bag. In the smaller red and white canvas bag I've hidden all my... ahem... feminine products. I think it looks better than a big ol' box labeled TAMPONS.
I got rid of all this stuff. I had so many lotions and potions I haven't used in years.
Which brings me to the big picture. SOOO much better!

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  1. Looks great Jay! I see you are already finding productive uses for Anaya's absence. ;-)