Friday, July 29, 2011

A Good Read: Learning

It appears all I am doing this summer is reading. Oh and it's wonderful!! I have been doing a lot more than reading, really. I actually have been working on a couple projects around here I just haven't taken the time to post them. They're coming though. Promise.
My most recent read was Learning by Karen Kingsbury.
The second book in the Bailey Flanigan series. Another incredible book. If you've read any of the Baxter Family series or Bailey Flanigan series you know what I mean when I say this book was incredible. I don't know that any of these books could disappoint me. It's like hearing from a friend after months of silence. I started the Baxter Family series, which includes 18 books, about five years ago. You meet Bailey Flanigan in the last books of that series and the Baxter's show up from time to time in Bailey's series. So it really is like catching up with friends from long ago.
I hope you find a little time to do some reading this summer too. I've already started my next book, so I'm off to curl up with my coffee and book.


Monday, July 18, 2011

A Good Read: Uncharted TerriTORI

I read Uncharted TerriTORI back in June but never got around to sharing about it. Some may laugh and say "Really?" when I say I love Tori Spelling. I know she's not an incredible Christian author, she doesn't write about grace based parenting or how to be a woman of Christ. Tori Spelling writes about real life. Real life for her anyway. And I love it.
I've also read her first two books, sTORI Telling and Mommywood.
Tori Spelling's books are fun, easy reads. I usually read through one in a day, two maximum. She's funny and so incredibly transparent I can't believe it. I'm a nobody and I don't know if I could be as open about myself as she is.
So if you're looking for a book that doesn't require you to reflect upon yourself or dig deep into your own issues, read one of Spelling's books. You'll laugh out loud at some of the stuff she writes. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Good Read: Choosing to SEE

I just finished reading Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman. What a book and what an amazing author. This book tells Mary Beth's story. From being a young girl in Ohio to marrying singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman, to losing their youngest daughter in a horrific accident involving their youngest son.
I love reading memoir's, but this was definitely the hardest one I've read. I found I read right through the first twenty chapters rather quickly. It was the chapter titled May 21, 2008 that brought my reading to a halt. I often had to pause, grab some tissue and get myself together. I just couldn't imagine losing a child, especially in a tragic accident involving another of my children.
The Chapman family is enduring such a struggle but through it all show so much hope and faith it's almost inconceivable. I recommend this book to anyone. Just keep your tissue close and keep reading.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Thus Far

I realize it has been one month, today actually, since I made any posts. Life has been crazy busy around here and I've been running short of inspiration. We had rainy weather the first couple weeks of summer then gorgeous blue skies and 80 degree temps. So I've been enjoying summer while it's here.
My camera is kind of on the fritz or maybe it's just my SD card. The card/camera only holds about eleven pictures at a time then I have to clear it. Pretty ridiculous. I have been using my phone instead, not great quality but captures the memories either way.
Here are some pictures to catch you up on our summer thus far...
We started by making an hour and a half drive to pick up this cute little Terrier Mix, Piper. She's almost five months old and ALL puppy!
This sleeping beauty turned the big 1-0!!
Grandpa let her pick out a brand new bike! Lucky girl!
We had a garage sale & lemonade stand.
I had to buy some fencing materials to keep little Piper from eating all our lettuce.
We spent some time at the lake.
We're trying to make some progress on this Summer Bucket List.
I scored this pair of solid wood rockers at a yard sale for $20!! I'll be stripping them down and repainting them for our front porch.
Also picked up these lamps at a yard sale. Both for $5. They'll be getting a paint job and I'll be sprucing up the shades.
The chicks and I tried on shoes at Target. It killed me to be frugal and walk away without those aqua wedges. They were $8!!!
And just last night I caught my girls in Piper's crate.
Look at that crazed look on her face. Yikes!
The Tall Man and I have also been playing softball on our churches co-ed team. The Tall Man also got a new to him car. We've named it Gladys. I'll share pictures later and you'll see Gladys is a fitting name.
So that's what we've been up to this summer. I'll try and keep you posted on my projects and what we'll be doing the rest of this summer.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer for Sale

Until the last few days the weather around here has not exactly felt like summer. Or spring for that matter. It's felt like February. But inside our house I'm pretending it's summer. At least as far as scents go. The smell of summer is coconut and vanilla or coconut and lime. The other day a friend of mine stopped by for a minute and she said my house smelled good, like the beach. I give the credit to this, Bath & Body Works Vanilla Coconut Wallflower.
I love Mary Kay's Coconut Lime Body Care Set.
I had this Island Colada candle from Bath & Body Works burning for weeks before the sun decided to come out.
Here are a couple more bottles of summer from B & B Works.
And of course the bottle of sunshine that takes me back to my teen years. When we would boat all day long, swim across the lake and jump off the rocks. Back before I had any sense at all and wasn't afraid of anything {like skin cancer.}
Do those scents take you back anywhere? I hope you're all getting some sunshine where you live. We have sun for the first time in what seems like forever so I'm heading outside to soak it in!