Monday, August 30, 2010

The Kissing Hand

If you have school aged children I'm hoping your familiar with the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. If you haven't read it, you should. If your little one's haven't made it to school yet, keep this book in mind. It's a great story about the special love between a mommy and her baby. A wonderful way to remind your children you're with them everywhere they go and visa versa.
Today was my littlest chick's first day of preschool. I was a little nervous how she would do. She has always been home with me and has a strong willed personality. She gets a little feisty with her sisters so I was worried how she may behave with her new classmates. Have you ever felt that way? We're all so proud of our little one's but there are times when you worry, even just a little, that your child might be that child. You know what I'm saying.
In an effort to make day one of preschool practically perfect I woke her up with kisses and tickles. This always gets a smiley face rather than a grumpy one. I scooped her up and brought her downstairs to a cup of chocolate milk and an english muffin (her breakfast of choice.) She was very excited Daddy was home to sit with her at the table and go to school with us. She picked out her first day of school outfit weeks ago so we knew exactly which Tinkerbell top and leggings she was wearing. Her outfit was too cute and she actually let me do her hair AND she didn't pull it out before we got to school. This is HUGE!! Trust me. I took a few pictures this morning to share with you, but unfortunately did not get any of Tall Man and I with her. I'm a little disappointed about that but oh well, that happens.
When I picked her up after school I got a great report. YAY!! Her teacher told me she was a big help in class. She helped wipe down the tables and did her best to cheer up the children who weren't so happy about attending school. I can't say how happy I am she did well! Now if we can get through the next nine months we'll be golden!
I hope back to school is going well for your family. Now go enjoy some quiet time!



  1. Sounds like everything went well, she looks happy!

  2. we have this book, and my kids call it a "love story".
    "mom, we don't want to read that book cause it's a love story"
    She is so cute. she is the perfect combo of you and Stephen.. good job!

  3. That's so cute Kristie! Hope back to school has gone well for your family too!