Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day at the Farm

My family and I live in a housing development. One with sidewalks, driveways and HOA's. We are lucky enough to have a farm less than a mile away though. Not something many people can say when living in a development. Last spring I shared the ranch I grew up on with you, here. I love driving to work or my girls school and seeing this adorable farm on the side of the road. It makes me feel like maybe I haven't lost all of the "country girl" inside of me.
The other day I was driving to meet some friends for coffee and a little meal planning (more on that to come.) And I saw this...
As soon as I saw all those wagons leaned up against the tree in the middle of the yard I knew I had to put together a post for My Northwest Nest. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed the number on their sign. Lucky for me (and you) the owner of this farm is an incredible lady. She is so down to earth and a beautiful person. When she met me at the farm the next afternoon she was wearing jean overalls and what looked like hand made jewelry. We discussed our love of old rusty tables and galvanized steel. It was fantastic!
I would have loved to spend an hour hearing about all the wonderful things she has on her property. She had shopping to do and I had little chicks to get from school in an hour, so instead she left and I wandered her property snapping pictures.
There are little places like this to sit and enjoy the season all over the farm.
What farm is complete without a barn cat? This cute little guy followed me all around.
The furry pumpkin in the patch wasn't quite as friendly. He stuck around long enough to see who I was and ran through the field.
The rope swing is hanging between the garden and the pens. I imagine swinging on it in the summer afternoon sun as the chickens peck the ground.
Makes me think of the original Charlotte's Web.
This white picket fence and gate separate the pumpkin patch from the vegetable garden and barn area.
If you look beyond my farm yard friend you'll see the big red barn.
A close up of the yard tools secured above the barn door. A pretty cool idea, I thought.
The vegetable garden not only held greens...
...but huge sunflower's too.
When I was at the farm it was still a little early for all of the pumpkins. Here is one that I think will be perfect in just a couple of weeks!
See these guys? They had something to say about us being at their home. They honked and squeaked at me the whole time I walked along the fence.
The owner built this little room of sorts between the rows of corn. It was incredible.
This lantern was hanging about a red Adirondack chair. SO peaceful.
An old rusty shovel propped up in the secret room. Notice the still green pumpkin on the left?
This wheel is part of some antique farm equipment.
I have a feeling this old tractor still plays a vital role in preparing the soil for the next years garden.
A few more shots of the wagons that caught my attention in the first place.
The Complaint Department sign. 200 miles away. Cute.
After wandering through the farm I headed back out through the front yard of the home on the property. There's a beautiful farm house that the owners recently added on to. Along with a detached garage. But don't let the word garage fool you, she has this garage all farmed-out too.
These birdhouses were all over the place on my way out.
One side of the garage had this great wooden ladder, the barn star and horse shoes down by the window. All on the white washed wooden garage wall.
I just love the large red barn star above the garage doors!
In the front yard there is this awesome, rusty old washing machine filled with flowers.
Isn't it great?!?!
The front door is rustic, the galvanized steel watering cans are my favorite part of this porch.
Or maybe the white porch swing is my favorite.
And a row of colorful buckets along the railing. I like how they're all different. Similar in size and shape but different in color.
Barbed wire is nailed to each of the fence posts on the street side of the farm yard. I love this one with the tractor to the right and rows of corn to the left.
I feel like I just took you all on a field trip to the farm. I hope you had fun! And be sure to check your shoes before going in the house, this is a farm after all. =o)
One more thing... A little advertisement for the Prairie Home Farm. The last sentence resonates with me... My heart, too, is pining for October.


  1. AWESOME picturs ..I LOVE them!!!

  2. Such a fun place to get lost in.

  3. Great job with the pictures! I love this farm. I have some pics of maddie here last year!