Friday, August 20, 2010

Organized Junk

I realize it's been a few days but I did organize the junk drawer in my kitchen. It's amazing to me how this drawer always gets messy, messy to the point I can barely close the darn thing. There are usually scissors poking out wrong or one of our many Hannah Montana pencils sticking up in the way. I think I've shared that I love office supplies. Pens. Pencils. White out tape. Paper clips. Everything office supply-ee (yes that is a word...well, it is now.)
Between my love for these things and the fact that everyone gives away writing utensils, we have A LOT! Apparently we've been given or pocketed pens from the following places: Custom Truck Accessories (mind you, we don't own a truck,) Rio Hotel & Casino, The Mirage Las Vegas (Tall Man goes to Sin City every year for work, luckily he doesn't really gamble & is not a fan of the lifestyle there) Total Home in Ronan, Montana (not sure I've been there) and Maple Valley Dental (we don't live near Maple Valley.) Our pencils are mostly from our little chicks. We have Hannah Montana, Care Bears, Tinkerbell and a variety of Smencils (recycled pencils that smell like a variety of fruit.) We also have one special pencil that belongs to Tall Man, it's the World's Best Boss pencil, from The Office.
So are you ready to see the awful mess we had going? I can't believe I'm showing people this. Here you go.
Look at that mess!!
This is everything spread out on the counter that was in the drawer. Yikes!
And here we are all organized. I realize it is still a lot of stuff but it is organized. Pencils, pens and markers each have their own compartment. Scissors are not poking out crazy like. I have a little compartment for batteries, glue sticks and super glue, paper clips and one for glasses wipes and lip balm.
You can see there is nothing in the way of closing the drawer now,
even with all that stuff still in there.
I want to say I picked up this drawer organizer at Wal-Mart of Target a couple years ago. I like it because you can rearrange them the way you like. Every time I clean out this drawer I come up with a "newer, better" placement. Because they're white they do get a little dingy with pencil marks and such. Next time I think I'll give them a coat of spray paint to brighten them up. Not sure what color yet but I'll let you know.
Now I should move on to my next organization project. Under the bathroom sinks. Yikes!



  1. I love it!!! Don't you feel so much better now? Great job.
    Bonnie :)

  2. It is a great reminder to just do one small organization project at a time! I get overwhelmed with too many things at once. I have a horrible drawer that needs that kind of attention... I'll let you know when I tackle it!!

  3. I don't think this posted the lst time so I'll try again:)
    right now I'm reorganizing all the books in my classroom. Can't tell you how many times I've done that over the years. The teacher who used my room last year reorganized them to suit her purposes. Congratulations on a Junk Drawer well organized!