Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Page Bottle

Have you seen all the book page projects out there? I've seen wreath's, pumpkin's, pom's and more. So I of course had to try my own book page project. I decided to make a book page wine bottle to go with my Autumn decor (I'll share more of that later.)
This was such an easy project, I didn't have to buy a thing! Those are the best kind of projects, don't you agree? I've had a pale blue wine bottle saved for months now but hadn't decided on anything to do with it until the other day. I went out to my newly organized cabinet in the garage and my craft closet and found everything I needed.
First I sprayed my wine bottle with a light coat of Krylon White Primer spray paint. It didn't have to be a real thick coat, I just needed it to "roughen up" the smooth surface of the bottle.
Next I took a few pages from an old book and tore them into long strips. I tried not to be too consistent with the width. Applying the Mod Podge and paper is a little tricky at times. I applied just enough Mod Podge for one strip of paper, applied it, smoothed it out and let it dry before I applied another piece. This step is a little time consuming but it's worth it.
Once the bottom layer of Mod Podge had dried all over and the paper is smoothed out I applied one final coat of Mod Podge. Here is my final product.
This isn't the best picture of the bottle but it will do. I'll have more pictures to show when I share the rest of my Autumn decorations.


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