Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Am I Forgetting Something?

I woke up a little early this morning so the first morning back to school wouldn't be rushed. Tall Man went into work late so he could take our youngest daughter to school then come with me to meet teachers and classmates for our older girls. The morning went great, everyone was ready on time and we were out the door.
I must say meeting my girls teachers was great! I really feel like this could be a wonderful year for our family. With one of our girls we've had not so good luck when it comes to teachers. So I was relieved to meet this years staff, they were right there at the door, ready to shake hands, greet families, help students, everything. I was SO impressed!!
I had my camera in tow and took pictures as my girls found their cubbies, desks and friends. They posed in their back to school outfits and matching fingernails. So exciting for them!!
As I pulled out of the school I got the feeling I was forgetting something. This was the first time in..... well EVER that I've had all my girls in school and I've had time to myself. I seriously felt like I was forgetting something or someone.
Got home, poured my coffee, turned on my music (no Hannah Montana this morning!) and sat down to upload my photos for the morning. I now know what I forgot.... I forgot to get a new camera! Only one of my photos turned out! The rest are distorted, didn't even save or half the picture is missing. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!! This is completely unacceptable, fall is my favorite season, there are SO many things I need to take pictures of and now my camera is not cooperating. Not good!
I only have one photo of my precious big girls before school this morning. I hope you enjoy it!
They have grown so much over the summer and are more beautiful, inside and out, than I had ever hoped. I am so excited for the adventures school has for them this year but I will truly miss their company in the mornings.
Happy back to school to you and yours!


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