Friday, September 10, 2010

The End of Summer

Gone are the long, lazy days of summer. The sleeping in late, midday swimming, picnics at the park and backyard s'mores are not plans for tomorrow but memories of yesterday. What a crazy summer it has been for our family.
We wrapped up the school year and were ready for sun in June but had a mostly wet and dreary month instead. In the month of June we planted Arbor Vita's in our front yard as well as some box woods. We celebrated our oldest daughter's ninth birthday with a s'mores themed sleepover and honored the dad's in our lives. I took all my girls, my sister and her little one to have pictures taken. We planted a garden with friends and cooled off with Margarona's.
In July we made an unexpected trip to the Seattle area to honor my husband's grandmother's life. A sad reason to get together but oh so nice to have family all together. We celebrated Independence Day with friends and family. Started a laundry room make over that got put on hold due to and injured Tall Man. Our little chicks spent a week with Grammy and Papa so we had a week to ourselves. Then our great trip to Lake Shasta, California with Tall Man's family.
August started with my ten year high school reunion. Wow, that ten years flew by! We finished our softball season and were invited to play in a tournament in September. Not because we're good but because we showed great sportsmanship while losing. Tall Man had knee surgery and our littlest chick turned four. And now the month is over.
Summer is gone and fall is on the horizon. School has started and I have mornings to myself. I never thought I would have mornings to myself. I have to admit it's going to take some getting used to. Not that I'm complaining.
I hope you've enjoyed this little flashback through my summer and I hope that you had a wonderful summer also. Have a very happy fall!


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