Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home From Vacation

We made it! Tall Man and I survived five days, just the two of us. A weekend in the Seattle area, the drive to Lake Shasta, California, four nights there with the whole family and an extremely SLOW drive home. Two lane highways in Oregon are not fun!! Luckily every other part of our trip was fantastic!
Let me start by saying I've been blessed with some pretty amazing in-laws. My mother and father-in-law are incredible people, I love them! And I always enjoy seeing my husband and his brother together. They are so fun to watch.
In our four days at Lake Shasta we went water skiing, tubing, fishing, kayaking, jumped off a bridge, rode the SeaDoos and had an amazing time with all our family. I was also blessed by a visit from my best friend of 14 years and her 4 and a half month old baby.
I know, I know, show you the pictures already... You might regret this, there are A LOT of pictures. Here we go...
Whew... the van is packed!
The boat trailer blew a tire. Luckily the guys had it fixed in no time!
We're almost there!!
We were jumping off the lower bridge. My 9 year old jumped from higher than I did.
Brave little girl!
Getting ready to jump.
Two of my chicks with their cousins.
My brother-in-law getting the grill ready.
Tall Man had the first catch of the day!
There were so many birds off the back deck.
In the evening the deer would come out to play.
The cousins!
Kiana and Daddy on the SeaDoo.
Beautiful baby girl cooling off in the pool.
Tall Man, up on one ski! Even with torn cartilage in his knee.
Me and my bestie!
My little one and I floating.
Tubing with my sister-in-laws girls.
Have to squeeze in at least one self taken picture of the Tall Man and I.
Heading out on a SeaDoo.
My brother-in-law caught a monster catfish. We're guessing at least 8 pounds!
Did you make it through all those pictures? I know, it's a lot and just think this is just a few of what I have saved on my laptop.
The cat fish was my last picture of the week. I'm waiting for my sister-in-law to upload her pictures so I can share one of the whole group. There were fifteen family members plus my friend and her baby. Pretty crazy but SO much fun. We're all looking forward to meeting up again next summer!


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  1. What fun to revisit Lk Shasta on your blog! In our minds it was a dream vacation with our whole family together - a rare occasion! Love your pictures and comments:)Thanks for your help and advise on my Cricut purchase yesterday. I cut out a lot of stuff last night. Almost called you at 10:30, but decided nooooooo! Thanks for your compliments - and more love back to you!!