Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catch of the Day

Almost two weeks ago my Tall Man had knee surgery so my favorite in-laws came to visit and help out around the house. It turns out that having 80-90% of the meniscus removed in your knee is much easier to recover from than when you have the meniscus repaired. The Tall Man seriously walked from the hospital to the car, from the car to the house with out any assistance!! Craziness! Especially since his last knee surgery (two years ago) required about 8 weeks with crutches, then another 8 weeks of physical therapy.
Because recovery wasn't so bad we were able to squeeze in some fun while the in-laws were here. We went boating on one of our many near by lakes. I of course left my camera at home, so no pictures of that trip. We also took the girls and my favorite father-in-law fishing. Where my six year old had the first catch of the evening. Then my husband caught a little something. The rest of us just stood around and watched these little fish circle my oldest daughters bait. Darn things never took a nibble though.
Here are a few pictures of our evening excursion...

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