Friday, April 30, 2010

Sisters in Christ

Seven years ago my new husband and I were invited to a home group with one of Tall Man's closest friends. The first night we met a young couple and instantly hit it off. They had two little girls (five years and two months.) We had a 22 month old little girl and another baby on the way. Jamie and I had a lot in common but were different enough to learn from each other. Over time we've realized we're a lot like each others husband and maybe that's why we get along so well.
That was 2003, now in 2010 she's had two more girls and so have we. That's seven little ladies between the two of us! You should see the looks we get when we're out together with the whole bunch. Over the years we've been there for each other in many ways. Whether one of us just needed someone to listen, a little encouragement or someone to watch all those girlies at the last minute. The point is Jamie is an amazing friend and I can't imagine not having her as part of my life.
Jamie has been such a spiritual mentor to me an this last weekend she announced to the world that Christ is her Savior and was baptized. I wanted to do a little something for her. When I was working on Clipboards for Teacher I had a practice clipboard that Jamie loved. So I added one of Jamie's favorite verses to the bottom and here's how she turned out.
Personally, I love it!!
And here's a picture of Jamie and I at my birthday last year. Believe it or not it's the first picture ever of just the two of us. I guess we're always behind the camera.
And this one was taken a couple weeks later for Halloween at a teen mom
support group we're part of.
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  1. sniff, sniff, that was sooooo sweet. Thank you, thank you, I LOVE my clipboard, I have been showing it off to everyone that comes over!! I'm so glad that you are my sister in Christ, love you!!!-J