Monday, April 5, 2010

I say it's "My office" he says it's "Ours"

When we bought our home Tall Man worked from home for about nine months, so my "office space" was on our kitchen counter. Last June he changed jobs and now heads to the office down the road rather than down the hall. I loved having my tall man home, I'd sit in our home office with him sipping coffee every morning. He loved it too, lunch was delivered to his desk. Talk about service!
As much as I miss being able to see him each morning I was thrilled to take on the challenge of putting my touch on our office. This was a process I started last fall and in the past few weeks have finished. I shouldn't say "finished" because I don't believe any room can be finished for long. Let's say I reached temporary satisfaction in the last few weeks.
I did some research online, checking all my favorite blogs, lots of Google images searches and flipped through many Better Homes & Gardens and Ballard Designs. I had all these ideas in my head and gradually they came together. I am excited to share with you the process of putting my, I mean our office together.

Here is a before picture. Blah.

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