Thursday, April 8, 2010

Window Without a View

Last September my family and I met my in-laws for a weekend of fun in the sun. I was looking forward to spending the weekend away, swimming at the hotel, boating, taking my three year old tubing (she was awesome!) But to be honest I was also very excited about a little something my favorite father-in-law was picking up for me on their way to the hotel.
A couple hours from their house in Washington
is an Antique & Fruit Store. Living in the Northwest we don't have a lot of flea markets and antique shops so his stopping on the way to meet us was my one chance to get this beauty! I was expecting a very simple window like this one.
You can imagine my surprise when my favorite f-f-i-l showed me this.
I love that it's different from any window I've ever seen before. I realize it's missing a pane of glass but that's an easy fix. I wanted a window to put in our home office as a message board of sorts. I thought we could replace that center piece of glass and put a jar full of dry erase markers and leave little honey-do's and love notes for each other.
Here's how it looks on the wall. It's still missing that piece of glass. We had a piece, tried to install it but the glass didn't survive. (sigh) Even though we can't leave messages on it yet, I still adore it!


  1. Thank you for making our office so beautiful baby! I wish it looked this good when I used to work in it everyday :(.

  2. We couldn't imagine what you were going to do with that old window. Brilliant idea!