Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Shower Done!

Saturday at 3 o'clock about twenty people piled into my friends living room to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a precious baby girl. The baby shower was great, lots of friends, food & cute little outfits. Here are just a few pictures from the celebration. (My camera batteries died that morning so I was working with my friends camera.)
There was so much yummy food, thanks to Grandma!
I think Mommy counted 30 new outfits in these cute gift bags!Big sister and Mommy!
I told my friend back in February that every baby deserves a party and I think this little girl had a great party! The tissue paper poms are going to be reused for big sister's spa birthday party in June. I'm happy I was able to put this together and help with the birthday party scheduled just days before baby is due.

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