Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Game

I am putting together a baby shower for a close friend of mine. Invitations have been made and mailed, you can see them here. Now it's time to start thinking about the games. You can't have a baby shower with out the "Baby Game" you know the game, where you can't say the word "baby." I like to take it a step further and add the word "cute." Have you ever been to a shower and not said the word cute? It's incredibly hard.
I'm not into pinning things to my clothes with a safety pin. Some materials just don't handle it well. And I wanted to do something other than a plastic toy binky on a necklace. So I decided clothes pins were the answer. Well, clothes pins, spray paint and ribbon were the answer. I had clothes pins already, you can get them pretty cheap at any store. I also have just a few half empty cans of spray paint from other projects, so I had my Rust-Oleum Espresso brown for half the pins and I picked up a can of Valspar Cameo Pink for just a few bucks at Lowe's.
I clipped the clothes pins along the top of a cardboard box so I could spray them from all angles and wouldn't have to wait until they dried to flip them over and spray again. (Remember I'm an instant gratification kinda girl.) I did have to wait for them to dry to do a second coat though, I wanted them to be even and smooth.
When the paint had dried on the clothes pins I brought them inside and was ready to glue some ribbon. I found this cute XOXO ribbon in the dollar bin at Michael's after Valentine's Day. It was perfect! I measured the ribbon a little longer than the clothes pins so it would fold over and have a more finished look. Before gluing I made sure I had the pins & ribbon ready, hot glue is great but once it dries it's hard and I wanted the ribbon to lay smooth on the pin. I put a few beads of hot glue on the pin and pressed the ribbon on.
I already have plans for these after the shower. Aren't they cute? Oops I said the word! I never win those games!

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  1. Very creative idea! The clothespins look awesome! Thanks for linking up @ PonyTails and FishScales!