Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tissue Paper Poms

It's crunch time. The baby shower I'm putting together for my friend is this Saturday! Yikes!
You've seen the invitations and the baby game clothes pins, today I worked on decorations. I was cruising through the long list of blogs I have bookmarked under ideas and found how to make tissue paper balls over at All Things Thrifty. I've seen the Martha Stewart version of these and refuse to spend the dough. Instead I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some tissue paper, Michael's for floral wire ($2.99) and that's it.
First, I layered 10 sheets of pink and white tissue paper and folded it accordion style. I made my folds about 1 1/2 inches wide.
Next, I cut the ends so they were rounded, then folded it in half and wrapped floral wire around the middle.Now, fan out the tissue paper on either side of the wire.
Lastly carefully pull apart the layers of tissue paper. Remember the paper tears easily, so be gentle. Adjust the tissue paper until your happy. Here's the finished product.
I'll be sure to post pictures from the baby shower, next week.
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  1. Thanks so much for linking up!!!!! :) LOVE it! :)

  2. These rock! I'm making them for my inlaws wedding shower and they're turning out great!

  3. Cute! I will say this - I did these from a Martha Kita for my daughter's room and I love them. They hang over her crib. But my sister and I thought we could knock them off ourselves cheaper for her playroom and found cool colors of tissue at Tuesday Morning. They didn't turn out as nice. They didn't shape nearly as well or feel as sturdy yet still delicate as mine are. They seem fragile and limp. The difference? The stuff in the Martha kits is a heavier weight tissue and really holds a better shape than the packs we purchased...which were typical thin weight tissue. Mine have traveled to a couple parties for decorations, my daughter "pats" them as we lift her out of her crib and they are holding up.

    Just another perspective!

  4. I love pom pom balls! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

    Thanks for Hookin' Up with me for my first link party!