Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early Spring Branches

The seasons have changed again in our half bath. That is one sentence I never thought I'd say. However it is true, the seasons have changed yet again in our half bath. You remember our autumn branches and our winter branches. Now it's time for some spring branches.
I had thought about trying to tie in baseball somehow but decided that probably wouldn't work too well. It might not look as pretty either. So I went with some pale pink budding branches.
I used a role of pale pink streamers from the Dollar Tree and a little hot glue. That's all.
I cut the streamers into pieces about two inches long and tried to come up with a specific technique for making the perfect blossom. I wasn't happy with the results when I was trying so hard to make them perfect. So I decided to wing it. I crumpled, rolled, folded, twisted the streamer until I was happy. Then I used just a dot of hot glue to attach the blossom to the branch.
Here's a terrible close up.
I didn't add too many blossoms because spring hasn't fully arrived here yet. Our weather can't decide what it's doing. So these are my "early spring" branches.


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