Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Long MoJo

Today the family and I are taking a little road trip to meet some family half way between our homes. It will be a two and a half hour drive for each family. Usually we would be ecstatic about going to spend an afternoon with my Tall Man's aunt and her family. This trip will be a little different though. We've had some trouble with one of our dogs going potty on our carpet and we've found the culprit. My little Pomeranian, MoJo. This is a new thing for him and we're pretty sure he's telling us he's not too happy. With three little chicks all in school, two adults working and numerous extra curricular activities, we're just never home. I think MoJo has had enough of it so we reached out to family and friends asking if anyone was interested in a new K-9 companion. Tall Man's aunt called right away saying MoJo would be a perfect fit for her mother-in-law.
On Thursday of last week MoJo went in to be groomed. My middle chick said she didn't want to leave the house until Thursday so she could spend as much time as possible with MoJo. So sad. We're all sad thinking we won't have our little guy around anymore. He's been a lot of fun, from his Lion Cut to his amazing tricks (rolling, dancing, speak, etc..)
So here's to you MoJo, we'll miss you but we're sure you'll be so loved and happy at your new home.
Last Christmas Eve MoJo insisted on being in the family photo.
Maybe the only Pomeranian who goes fishing.
His first Lion cut.
And again with me and the chicks on Easter last year.
Thinking about actually eating off the spoon.
Making his way through the snow.
Okay. Enough is enough. I'm going to tear up here pretty soon and be asking for another trip to get my doggy back. So I'm done for now.


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