Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall to Winter

If you live in the North West you may have noticed it is not fall anymore. We have had record breaking snow fall for November. So much so they've started referring to it as Snovember. Cute.
We are slowly transitioning from autumn decor to our Christmas and winter decor. One of the first things to change were the leaves on the branches in our powder room. Remember these?
Just like in nature the leaves came off as the weather turned cold. In their place we now have little sparkles of winter. Have you seen bare trees after a super cold night? They sparkle in the sunlight. It's one of my favorite things about winter. As I drive down the snow covered streets and see the sparkling trees I am just in awe of how awesome our Creator is.
Granted my branches aren't quite as stunning as those in nature I am pretty happy with them. I am debating putting a few ornaments on. Maybe I will snap a few pictures and you can tell me which you like best.
To get this sparkle I picked up a package of clear rhinestone stickers from Michael's for about $2 and hot glued them on. Easy and simple. One of my favorite combinations.

1 comment:

  1. I would vote for little red berries, you know how sometimes the branches bare of leaves on certain trees and shrubs still have a few "soldiers" that hold on through the winter. The sparkle idea is beautiful and quite unique. Love it!