Monday, April 4, 2011

Put a Pin In It

Can you name that movie? Coming from me you have to know it's either from a children's movie or something in the romantic comedy genre. Tall Man on the other hand can quote every Jim Carey or equally as "bathroom humorous" movie. This post is not about quoting movies, so let me get back on track.
My refrigerator usually looks like this...
This drives a lot of people crazy, the visual clutter right there for all to see. It's never really bothered me because it was all stuff I wanted easily visible. Our family calendar, school schedules, meal plans and of course artwork by and pictures of my little chicks. Going with the whole spring cleaning theme I decided I really needed to tidy things up on our refrigerator. I have a cabinet right next to the fridge that holds all my teas, coffee filters, coffee grinder, you know all the essentials for a good morning. I thought this would be the perfect place for some corkboard to hang all our extra, but quite important papers.
This really was an easy and inexpensive project. It would have gone even faster had I gone to Target first, instead of Michael's. I picked up a roll of corkboard from Michael's with a 40% off coupon so I spent like $3.
I was so excited until I got home, unrolled the corkboard and as I tried to flatten it, it cracked right down the middle. Not what I was expecting. So I took the roll back to Michael's and they were fantastic! They took the corkboard back and refunded my money without any hassle at all. Very nice!
I took my Michael's refund and headed down the shopping center to Target where I found these.
Perfect! These cork tiles come in a 4 pack and are much thicker than the roll. They are much thicker and super easy to install. They even come with their own 3m mounting tape. The tiles are a little more expensive, I think I spent a whopping $7. Definitely not breaking the bank with this one. After Target I drove home as fast as I could, I was actually giddy about hanging these cork tiles. Seriously five minutes later I was done. Ta da!
The tiles weren't quite wide enough to cover the entire surface of the inside of the door so I just centered them. Two tiles did fit perfectly going vertical. Now our meal plan, swimming lesson reminders, snapshots from Chuck E Cheese and school schedules are pinned nicely inside the cupboard for no one to see! Now the side of our refrigerator looks like this.
(Insert satisfied sigh.)
I could have put our calendar inside as well but then what is the point of a personalized calendar if you're not showing it off? I am very happy with how this $7 project turned out, not to mention I still have two cork tiles left over. Not sure where those will be going yet. Any ideas?


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