Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do You Hear That?

Do you hear that? It's the sound of angels singing Hallelujah! At least that's what I heard when I was at Costco this morning. Here is how this angelic song came about.
I was walking through Costco with my littlest chick, waiting for her prescription to be filled. (Poor little chick has Conjunctivitis in both eyes and a double ear infection.) I was stressing a little because meatloaf was on the menu for dinner tonight but I hadn't sweet talked my Tall Man into chopping onions for me. I very STRONGLY DISLIKE chopping onions. So I was actually considering leaving the onions out when a friend of mine text me and asked if I needed help with anything while the little one isn't feeling well, sweet right? I thought so. Anyway, I told her she could come to my house and chop onions for me. She knows how much I despise this task, she's actually chopped onions for me before. Instead of putting her work day on hold and rushing to my rescue she decided to rescue me remotely. She sent a simple text saying "You could buy the dried ones."
WHAT!?!?! Dried onions?!?! I didn't know these existed. You may be thinking "DUH!!" and that's okay, I won't hold it against you.
I was honestly surprised. I had no idea you could buy dried, chopped onion and they sold them where I was at. Which is kind of like a double rescue, I didn't have to make another stop. Woo hoo! This is where the angels started singing and that beautiful golden light shined behind this bottle.
Okay. That's all I've got. I just wanted to share my good news with you. I will never chop another onion again!!



  1. They also sell frozen chopped onion! I loathe chopping onion as well, and my mom passed that tip onto me. It's closer to the real thing than dried onion, trust me. :)

  2. Oooh, thank you! I'll have to check that out!