Friday, April 8, 2011

Fuchsia Saturday

This Saturday, April 9th, Fred Meyer in Washington, Idaho and Oregon, is having their annual Fuchsia Saturday. I've gone to this event once before and it was great! You spend a little money, get your hands dirty and have a beautiful fuchsia arrangement for your home!
Here's how it works, you can either purchase containers at Fred Meyer or bring your own from home. There are ten varieties of fuchsias to choose from. The store provides the potting soil and you can make your own arrangement or get some help from a garden associate making the perfect arrangement. All you pay for are the flowers and they're at a special low price for this event.

Like I said I have been to this event once before and ended up with some beautiful hanging baskets for my front porch. I'm not sure I'll make it this year because you know how everything seems to happen at once? Well, it's all happening here this Saturday. My in-laws are in town, it's Fuchsia Saturday, Lowe's is having a Build and Grow workshop and a local high school is holding a craft fair in their gymnasium. Poop! I can't do it all! Around here family is always first so I'll be hanging with my in-laws.
I hope some of you can make it to one of these events. To find a Fred Meyer near you click here and a Lowe's near you, click here. As for in-laws and local high school craft fairs, you're on your own.
Have a happy weekend friends!


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