Monday, April 25, 2011

Ikea Trip

I hope you all had a very happy Easter with the ones you love. My family and I had a great time with my Tall Man's family. They are such an awesome group of people, it's always a good time.
Before all the family festivities we took off for a couple hours to Ikea and did a little shopping. Our little chicks went into the free play land they offer and the Tall Man and I cruised the store for about an hour. It was the perfect amount of time. I could have wandered all day but didn't want to lose my whole day to Ikea. So it was nice to have a time limit enforced by someone else.
So here is what I picked up...
A couple JAMKA food storage containers.
A couple 365+ food storage containers.
A five pack of FLYT magazine files. I have a project in mind for these.
And of course I couldn't leave without these Sockerart vases/pitchers. One in each size, thank you.
Please forgive the bad lighting, I was so excited to snap these pictures I couldn't wait for good, natural lighting.
We did get one other thing. A couple packs of natural wood hangers for the Tall Man. Apparently he was excited too, I didn't even see them downstairs. They were upstairs and into our closet before I realized he had even unpacked them.
While at Ikea we did a little couch testing. I think we've decided on the Ektorp corner sofa.
We both plopped down, sat on it, laid on it, got up off of it and decided it would be great in our living room. I really like the lighter color but Tall Man thought a darker shade would be better. So I think when it's time we may have to get two slipcovers. Or maybe buy the sofa in the Idemo light brown and get a Svanby beige slipcover. I guess, lucky for me I can't buy a sofa right now so it's not a decision that has to be made today. Whew.
I'm sure I'll be back in the next few days to show you what I've done with my little Ikea finds. So excited to get to work!!


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