Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Luck Bottle

I didn't want to go overboard for St. Patrick's Day but I did want to have a little bit o' green here and there. My "luck bottle" was really quick and easy to put together. It was also FREE!! You can't beat quick, easy and free!
I started with an empty, cleaned out sparkling grape juice bottle, burlap, green ribbon, Scrabble tiles, a button and some hot glue to put it all together. First I cut the burlap into a two inch strip and hot glued it on.
Next I cut a piece of green ribbon and hot glued it on over the burlap. I glued a green button on the back where the ribbon ends meet up. I thought it looked a little nicer than stringy ribbon ends.
I picked through my Scrabble tiles and found the letter L-U-C-K but there was no Y. So I was forced to improvise and drew my own little clover on a blank tile. I hot glued those on and was done.
Forgive the bad photo but here is my final product. I stacked a couple green books, added my book page bottle with a few Dollar Tree shamrocks and that was that.


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