Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Productive Saturday

My little chicks started spring break last Thursday and due to outstanding parent teacher conferences, no one is grounded so we decided to be productive this weekend. Saturday morning about 9:30 Tall Man went one way with our three little chicks and I went another way. My family headed to Lowe's to their Build and Grow Clinic for kids.
The days project was a Fortune Teller and from what I understand my little chicks did almost their whole project by themselves. The littlest one obviously needed some help from Daddy but did all her hammering on her own, getting her finger only once.
From what my Tall Man said the people at Lowe's were incredibly kind and helpful with all the kiddos. The little chicks left with aprons, safety goggles, a patch for completing their project and a fancy little fortune teller. They are so excited to go back and build something else in a couple of weeks.
I said I went in another direction Saturday morning. I picked up my sister and we headed to a Stampin' Up camp with my Dad's girlfriend, Sue. I had never been to a stamp camp so I was pretty excited. When I was a little girl Sue always had the coolest stamping stuff and she was very nice, letting my sister and I use all of her supplies when we visited on the weekends.
I was so into my stamping I didn't take any pictures while we were actually stamping. But I set up all my cards when I got home and snapped a few pictures to share with you.
There are some Thinking of You cards...
And birthday cards...
And a gift set of four different cards...
Here they are all together...
I was really intimidated by this card when I saw the example. I didn't know how to pull of the flower from squares thing. It was SO easy! I couldn't believe it.
This card is one of my favorites and my sister won the grand prize for the day, the Big Shot! It's the tool used to make the cards have that embossed pattern. Lucky girl! I told her she has to share with me though. =o)
Do you make your own cards? Or stamp other crafts? I thought this event was so fun I can't wait for the next one!!


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  1. Wow! I am impressed! Beautiful cards and it looks you more than got your money's worth of materials and knowledge.