Friday, March 11, 2011

Pots of Gold

Last week I showed you a few of my favorite finds in blog land. Remember the little pots of gold byThe Crafting Chicks? I told you not to be surprised if you saw them again. However, I did decide to put my own twist on my little pots of gold.
I started at the Dollar Tree, that's where many great crafts start. Unfortunately this one did not start there. I couldn't find the three pack of little white buckets so I continued searching elsewhere. I go to Michael's almost every Monday morning. I don't always buy something, it's a treat just to walk through the store with no interruptions. At Michael's I found little terra cotta pots (I believe they're the 3 inch size.) I decided with a coat of black paint, these would be perfect for what I had in mind.
I bought three of the pots, one for each of my little chicks teachers. I didn't put a water sealer on the pots because they're going to hold "gold" not plants, I just used a small foam brush and applied black acrylic paint.
Next was the hard part. Not like physically hard, like "Oh my gosh that's a lot of yummy chocolate and I can't eat it!" hard.
You've probably seen a lot of St. Patty's treats using Rolo's. I wanted to add a little more so I picked up a bag of Hershey's Nuggets. These are SO good. The perfect combination of chocolate, almonds and toffee. YUM!
I poured all the candy out, mixed it up and filled the pots.
I was going to use the simple clear treat bags to put the pots in but wasn't sure I'd get the right size. I didn't want to buy a pack of bags, get them home and have them not fit. That kind of thing is really frustrating to me. I decided to buy a roll or Transparent Packaging Wrap. It cost less than a pack of 25 treat bags and I used my 40% off coupon, so it was just about $2. Now I have enough wrap to get me by for quite a while.
If you've ever used a roll of this wrap you know it's not so fun to cut. I tried cutting it with plain old scissors and it kept ripping, so I used a pair of craft scissors with the jagged edge (like pinking shears.) This worked so much better. I tried to cut squares, placed a pot in the center and gathered the wrap at the top. Did that make sense? You'll get it when you see the picture. Next I took a little green and white polka dot ribbon and tied a bow.
Here is my finished product. Three pots of gold with Crafting Chicks downloadable label, "I'm LUCKY to have YOU as my teacher."
And a close up.
Here they are from the back, you can see all the yummy gold.
I am SO happy with the way these turned out. I can't wait for the little chicks to take them to school next week!



  1. They are adorable, what "lucky" teachers!

  2. I'm visiting from the "Creative Girls Blog Hop", and am so glad I came by. What a wonderful St. Patrick's craft! I love the tag and ribbon embellishment. Anyone would be LUCKY to get one of your pots of gold for a gift! Your newest follower, Jenn/Rook No. 17

  3. Thanks Jenn for the sweet comments and for following My Northwest Nest!