Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do You Smell That?

Kind of a weird title for a blog post, I must admit. But that's what I've been saying for the past few days. One of these furry lovelies...
...had an accident or three in a corner of our living room! I am very sensitive to smells and noticed a rather funky smell in our downstairs late last week. Over the weekend the Tall Man and I cleaned our kitchen, dining room, powder room, living room, our whole main floor. But there was still a funk goin on.
Then Monday morning I was looking for something in a toy bench for our littlest chick and as I moved a basket of baby toys for my niece I smelled it. If you have animals you know what I'm talking about. That absolutely disgusting smell of animal urine. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!
My first thought was "Now we have to get hard floors. Darn it anyway." However new flooring isn't exactly in the budget right now so instead I have cleaned the carpet twice with a Bissel carpet cleaner and yesterday picked up some Nature's Miracle from PETCO. I have drenched the carpet two times with this stuff and it seems to be getting better. The smell isn't as obvious and I've been told it may take a few applications, especially because I had already used a carpet cleaner solution on the spot. So we'll see. My plan of attack as of right now is to pull the carpet up in that corner, cut out the pad, paint Kilz on the concrete, drench the carpet in Nature's Miracle again and put in new carpet pad. Sounds like quite the chore when I'd rather be making a spring wreath for the front door or crafting up something cute for Easter. But in the words of my Tall Man, "I feel a blog post coming."


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