Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow Days

I didn't see it for myself but I've been told a certain little ground hog saw his shadow which I thought was supposed to mean an early spring. We must have a different ground hog in the North West and I'm guessing there was no shadow for our little guy. Last week we woke up to this.
Okay maybe we didn't wake up to THAT. This picture was from the winter of 2008-2009, under that pile of snow is the Tall Man's Blazer. We did however wake up to this.
We did however wake up to enough snow to cancel school for the day. It wasn't just snowy, it was freezing cold outside. Like way too cold to play outside and enjoy the snow day, cold. Tall Man headed to work and it was my job to come up with something fun to do inside with our little chicks. We had just had a four day weekend so we had pretty much exhausted all interest in board games, card games, coloring, painting, video games, etc.. It was all up to me to keep them happy.
We decided to do some baking. I thought we'd get a head start on shamrock shaped cookies, maybe a pot of gold or two. But I was wrong. I have this 101 Cookie Cutter Set and was shocked when I couldn't find a single St. Patrick's Day cookie cutter.
Since we couldn't be festive we decided to be a little crazy. For the first time since I got this set (about five years ago) I dumped the whole thing out on the counter and told the girls to have at it. They decided not to do any other holiday shapes but went bananas with the letters, numbers and random trucks, helmets and puppy dogs. I have THE BEST sugar cookie and icing recipes, I'll share later. We also mixed up some colors for the icing.
Keep in mind as you look at my crazy haired little chicks with their fancy dresses, AWANA vests and sparkley Hannah Montana shirts, this was a snow day. A day where Mommy doesn't mind what you wear, we're not going outside so sleeves and tights are optional.
What do you do with your little ones on a snow day? Please, share your ideas.


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