Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where I Come From

If you're a country music fan you should hear Kenny Chesney singing in your head right now. You're welcome.
Last weekend my family and I drove out to the ranch I grew up on. It would have been ten years next month since I had been out there. I grew up out in the sticks about a mile and a half up a dirt road on a 160 acre piece of land. It was incredible, of course I didn't realize that until I moved to town. I remember waking up in the morning to cows in our front yard. In the spring I'd sit in a field and wait for all the colts to come sniff my hair, it was my job to make sure they were used to people. During the summer months I'd grab my horse from the field and take off for hours riding the trails. In December we'd trek through the woods, sometimes on horseback, to cut our Christmas tree. It was a lot of work for my family but as a young girl it was heaven.

On Sunday Tall Man and my three daughters got to see where all my childhood memories took place. It was incredible. Here are a few pictures I snapped while we were there.

We didn't have pigs growing up but now they do and my girls loved feeding them.
Anaya's favorite part of the day was the piggy snorting on her arm.

Tall Man and my girls with the horses, Norwegian Fjords. And a few random pictures from the property.
It was so special to go back for an afternoon. My two older girls have said several times that they want to go back. I think we'll definitely be planning another afternoon at the ranch in the near future.

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