Monday, December 6, 2010

A Princesses Night to Remember

Over the last eight weeks I have been helping a handful of members from our church put together A Princesses Night to Remember. A formal dance designed for fatherly figures and their princesses. Last Saturday was the big night. And it was a hit!
I was at the church at 10:30 Saturday morning, helped set up until 2 p.m.. Went home bathed my chicks, dried, curled and straightened hair and helped with princess dresses. Then it was back to the church for a few final touches and to welcome Daddy's and their daughters.
I am so happy with the way the dance turned out I wanted to share it with you. It wasn't fantastic lighting (candles and dimmed lights) and I do not have a fancy camera so please forgive the not so perfect pictures.
We'll start with a few shots from Saturday morning. I enlisted my Tall Man and little chicks to help.
My oldest and her friend wrapping small rocks in tissue paper to keep our balloons from floating away. Brilliant and cheap way to keep your balloons in place!
This one was too busy playing princess to help.
And here is how the room looked when the guests arrived...
White carriage and chandelier centerpieces borrowed from a member of the congregation.
Of course a punch fountain.
We had bouquets of balloons lining the entry way of the church.
We realized after several balloons had been filled we didn't have anything to hold them down. So the children's pastor recommended rocks wrapped in tissue paper.
Brilliant man.
Here are my three little chicks ready for the dance.
Oh and we can't forget MoJo sitting so pretty for the picture.
Daddy brought them each a long stem red rose. Mommy got the rest of the dozen. =o)
A friend and fellow helper took a picture of the family for me. I'm thinking we should have waited to make our Christmas cards.
And of course I had to get one of just me and my Tall Man.
To respect the privacy of all the Daddy's and daughters I won't share the candid photo's I took throughout the night. But here's a blurry glimpse at the packed dance floor.
If you have little girls have they ever been to dance like this with their Daddy? If not, I highly recommend it! It was definitely a night to remember for both Daddy and their princesses.