Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a huge tradition in most homes this time of year. I remember years as a child when decorating at our home was not like most homes. Remember I lived in this house until I was in the third grade. We had six people living in this farm house. There was no indoor bathroom, only cold water running off the mountain that had been plumbed to the kitchen sink and a wood stove was our only source of heat. The house wasn't big, but it worked. I remember a Christmas where we decorated a laundry basket instead of a tree, there just wasn't enough room for a big tree.Once my mom, step-dad, sister and I moved into a different home on the property we started going out onto our property on horseback looking for the "perfect" tree. Those were fun years!
Now that I live in suburbia, my Tall Man pulls on some slippers and a sweatshirt and goes to the garage to pull our tree down from the rafters. Not as adventurous but it works for us. Set up this year was a little different because we were given a bigger tree from some family so it was the first time assembling the 7.5 foot tall tree. I have to admit I sat on the couch and supervised while Tall Man and the little chicks put the tree together. It went much quicker than I expected.
As you know the lights go on first then time for the ornaments. Our tree has no theme, it hasn't for probably six or seven years now. Each of our girls get at least one new ornament each year, times that by three girls time nine years... that's a whole lot of princess ornaments! So our "non-theme" is a whole lotta little girl with a touch of mom and dad. Here are my favorites...
You may have noticed I like monograms.
Here are my girls new ornaments from my mom.
This is one of my favorite home made ornaments.
My oldest chick made this at AWANA one year.
A favorite given to us from some friends a couple years ago.
And of course a little something for the Tall Man.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy decorating!



  1. Memories that bring smiles often, making barbie doll furniture out of kindling and rope, play dough mats and home made playdough, wooden blocks cut and sanded by hand with love. Didn't always have a lot of money, but there was always plenty of love to go around! No picture of the whole tree? :-(, hopefully I will get a chance to see it in person!

  2. I love your letter cookie ornaments. I have a lot of memories of decorating the tree as a kid. One year, we lived in Southern California, it was so warm when we went to the tree lot that my sisters and I wore our bathing suits and held the tree down on the way home in the back of a dune buggy. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip".

  3. Nice 'R' ornament, eh? Our tree is by my definiton 'beautiful chaos' I'm a fan of personalized, fun ornaments.