Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wreath

I realize it's been a few weeks since I said I was going to start my Christmas wreath and share it with you. Well, I'm not a complete procrastinator, the wreath is done. It has been for a while now, I just haven't taken any pictures to share with you. First I want to share with you my inspiration wreath.
I saw this wreath in a Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine (one of my favorite's.)
I absolutely LOVE this whole front door area. The black doors the wreath trio on either side. The simple garland with burlap wrapped around it. The swag on the door handle. L-O-V-E it!!
I've talked my inspiration up so much you'll probably be disappointed when you see my wreath. I can honestly say I'm a little disappointed too. I failed to get the poinsettia flowers to stick in the wreath. So my version is much more simple than Lowe's but you get the idea. So here she is...

My wreath cost a fraction of what Lowe's cost ($34.97.) I had the green wreath from Michael's, they usually cost around $ 5 and the green ribbon I paid about $2.50. The sparkley sprig was a couple dollars, the glittered R is actually a stocking ornament I picked up from WalMart for $1, the green ornaments were from WalMart also, I picked them up for multiple different projects (coming soon.) And I had the burlap in with my craft material. Not too bad. I'd say about $8 out of pocket for the whole wreath. And I didn't glue anything so I can use the everything again on another project.
Here's one more look.
Christmas blessings friends.


  1. I think it looks great, not overwhelming the smaller scale entrance you have. Maybe floral wire would help with the poinsettas next time, that way you would still be able to resue the wreath.

  2. reuse, guess it would pay to proof read my comment. LOL

  3. Thanks mom! I'm sure I could have just poked the poinsettia picks into the wreath. I honestly just ran out of time and energy.

  4. So, I haven't read your blog in forever and was looking back at old posts. I saw thisb and could use the pointsettias they sell at Christmas for tree decorations. They have little clips on them & stick on easily! I have some. If I can find them in my garage, I'll show you next time you come over!! Angee