Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Good Read

I love to read! Not just anything, but I love to read Karen Kingsbury. She's an incredible Christian author that I just can not get enough of! After high school I went probably seven years without picking up a book and reading it cover to cover. A few years ago a friend of mine let me borrow a book called Redemption by Karen Kingsbury. From the first chapter I was HOOKED! Not just like "ooh, this is a good book" hooked, but "nothing gets done at my house while reading" hooked. The Tall Man actually joked about hiding my books so he'd have clean clothes again. Oops. =o)
In the past three and a half years I've read 33 of Karen Kingsbury's books. I actually have a list of all her books and write check marks next to the ones I've read.
Last week I finished Take Four.
Another amazing novel that makes me feel so close to the Lord I'd almost call it a Bible study. It's amazing! I love Kingsbury's writing and the characters feel like family when you're done.
If you're looking for a great summer read check out Karen Kinsbury's website and see all she has to offer. You can check her books out at the public library, pick them up at a Christian book store or Wal-Mart for about $11 (great deal!) I'd recommend starting with the Redemption Series. Happy Reading!!



  1. I'm a big Karen Kingsbury fan also. HOwever, I haven't read 33 books - probably closer to 20. I should make a similar list! I'm looking at getting a Criquet at JoAnn's for $84.99. Do you think that's a good deal? I remember I need to get something else, but I can't remember what - some kind of mat??

  2. You know how much I love her!! I actually still have a couple of your to return! I loved Take 4 and cant wait for the next Baily Flanigan series!! I have read all her books this year and have run out of things to read!! LOL

  3. Evelyn, That is a great deal for the Cricut. Any sales person at JoAnn's should be able to show you what you need to get started.
    Sharah, I can't wait either!!! Did you know Unlocked comes out this fall? =o) I still have one of your books too.

  4. Thanks for the advice, Jamara. I thought your comment would come through to my gmail a/c, but it didn't. So now I know I need to check your posts to see what you said.

    Looking forward to Sept. when you can do whatever you want for 3 hours 4 days/week. Some spectacular crafts are coming up, I'm sure! Evelyn