Monday, July 5, 2010

Tall Man Down!

I hope you all had a very happy and safe 4th of July. Ours was pretty laid back due to a rather eventful 3rd of July. As you know our laundry room has been a work in progress for a couple of month now. I finally painted a few weeks ago, Tall Man made me a shelf a couple weekends ago, we put that in just so. Next I wanted to hang a ginormous window a friend gave me (so sweet.)
So on Saturday my dear Tall Man decided he was going to help me get this old window ready to go. We brushed it down, he shop vac'd the dust, wood chips, cobwebs, etc.. We cleaned the windows with some Windex and newspaper then Tall Man took a blade and scraped ever last bit of paint off the glass and cleaned it again...
I want to pause right there and say this: A few times during this process I thanked my loving husband for all his he was doing to help me with the laundry room, but told him I was perfectly okay with it if he wanted to help with this later and go do something for himself right then, work in the yard, whatever. His choice. So is that clear? I gave him the opportunity to do something else a FEW times. Got it?
... After I offered an out (a few times!) Tall Man said he didn't mind helping me and we continued on to hang the window. Well, in the process of hanging this bad boy...
...this bad boy tweaked his knee.
When getting down from the washer and dryer the step stool slipped and all of the Tall Man's weight went on his left leg (which has had two surgeries in the last two years.) With a little twist he was done for. Luckily my dad and his girlfriend were headed our direction anyway so we were able to go to the not so Urgent Care. Based on what the doctor said we're pretty sure he re tore the meniscus he had mended in '08. Due to the holiday weekend we're stuck waiting until Tuesday morning to call the orthopedic surgeon and schedule an MRI. So there ya go. Tall Man Down!!
More on the laundry room to come...


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