Friday, July 16, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think we can all agree there is just something about fresh, homegrown veggies straight from the garden. Last year we built a small raised bed in our back yard. We grew so many tomatoes we were giving away bowls of cherry tomatoes on a weekly basis! It was awesome to walk in the back yard, pick tomatoes, wash and serve!
Here's a peek at our garden last year. Cute, isn't it?
This year we're joining with four other families and growing a garden together. One of the families has some acreage just out of town and volunteered the space for the garden. We're growing all sorts of peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, squash and more!!
Taking care of this garden isn't like taking care of your grandma's garden. Weeding this piece of land involves delicious bbq's, Margarona's, root beer floats, surprise water balloon attacks and some fantastic friends!
Digging holes for the 7 feet high fence to go all the way around the garden.
Diggin in the dirt!
This is what happens when you garden in flip flops.
Margarona's.... YUM!!!
One of the husbands making steaks!
Do you have a community garden? Maybe something small in the backyard or even in your kitchen window? Don't you just love the harvest? I know I do!!


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  1. what a wonderful idea! we tried having a raised bed in our backyard but unfortunately, our neighbors on both sides have cats. :( i just got too discouraged finding cat poo in the garden to think of planting anything this year.