Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderfully Wordy Giveaway!

You may have been over to House of Smith's blog, she's listed in my "Blogs that Inspire" section. But let me tell you, Shelley does way more than inspire, she encourages too! House of Smith's is bookmarked in my "Ideas>Inspiration Fav's" tab. She's one of five blogs that I check every. single. day.
You may not have known she is also responsible for Wonderfully Wordy. There are some SUPER cute vinyl lettering's over there! Okay, so on to the giveaway...
I saw this morning that Shelley from House of Smith's is hosting a Wonderfully Wordy giveaway over at {Love Stitched}. Go check it out! There are several ways to enter!!
Good luck!


1 comment:

  1. OH my gosh! You are so sweet! Thanks for all the wonderful compliments!
    I'm totally honored and kinda blushing. LOL.

    Thanks you, thank you, thank you!