Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July 2x4

In case you missed it, I LOVE the USA and am super excited to be making decorations for Independence Day. I made these 4th of July blocks with a 2x4 a couple weeks ago. I used my Cricut to cut the letters. I had some help from Tall Man to cut the 2x4 to the sizes I needed. I'm not brave enough yet to handle the saw on my own.
I had my six blocks cut to size and decided to sand down the corners and edges to make them worn and not a danger to my little ones. Once I was happy with my sanding job I tore my scrapbook paper to size. I decided to tear the paper rather than cut it because I wanted a more rustic look rather than clean lines. Next I used my ink pad to darken the edges of the scrapbook paper and applied it to the blocks with Mod Podge.
For this project I put the paper on the front and top of the blocks. Usually I only worry about the front of my project but for this one I wanted to do a little more. While the Mod Podge was drying I used my ink pad and pointer finger to darken the letters. The final step was applying "4th of July."
With an old American Flag door hanger propped up behind the blocks I think they look complete. I'm loving these patriotic blocks and am off to finish another red, white and blue project.

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  1. So very cute and so easy!!! Thanks for the great idea!!!
    Happy 4th!!!