Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tastes of Summer

Depending on where you live this has been a scorcher or a cold, wet summer. For us, it's been hot for three days, rain for six, hot for one, rain for three. Not very dependable or fun for summer activities. It's already July and I haven't made one "That's it! It's too hot, girls in the car, we're going to the lake!" call yet. Which is terribly sad, we LOVE the lake!!
Even though the weather isn't summer like, the calendar says it is in fact summer, so I'm breaking out my favorite summer time drinks! Woo hoo! There is nothing like an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. My favorite "8 am and it's already 70 degrees in here" drink is an iced coffee. If I'm heading out the door and haven't spent my allowance yet, I'll go to Dutch Bros. and pick up a large iced Kicker. YUM!!
Lately with all my half done projects my allowance has been going to Michael's, garage sales and The Dollar Tree so I opt to make iced coffee at home. M
y secret to fresh, delicious iced coffee are coffee cubes. When the weather acts like it's going to warm up I start pouring my left over coffee into ice cube trays, then store them in a ziploc freezer bag until I'm ready for them.
First I grind some beans and brew a regular pot of coffee. I fill my glass with coffee cubes and a shot of Torani syrup (my flavor of choice is Irish Cream) then pour the coffee and top it off with half and half. Stir it up and serve with a straw. The best thing about this is when the hot coffee melts the ice cubes, it doesn't water down your coffee because the cubes are made of coffee.


  1. Mmmm sounds really yummy! I'm definately gonna give this a try!! Thanks for sharing Jamara. Hope you get some lake weather soon. I'm dying in a heat wave here. ~Stacey

  2. We went from 60 degrees on the 4th to the 80s today. My coffee is brewing, cubes waiting as I type. =o)

  3. awesome! if there's one thing i can't stand, it's a watered-down iced mocha ;-) i'm going to pull some shots and freeze them now!