Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homemade Fireworks

Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Homemade fireworks. I'm a safety first kind of person so this is the only time you'll hear me suggesting homemade fireworks.
A few weeks ago Tall Man and I were cruising through one of my favorite stores and we saw this great little piece with all the Fourth of July decorations.
We both thought these were great enough to buy but my DIY alarm started ringing and I blurted out "I could so make that." Oops! I didn't just think that, I said it, which means I must show I could in fact make this.

Mine aren't exactly like these, which I like. As usual I was on a "use what you have" budget so I did just that, used what I had. I washed out a few different sized soup, spaghetti sauce and corn cans and sprayed them Dover White. After the paint dried I got creative with some foam brushes and acrylic paint. Colors of choice: Navy Blue and Christmas Red.

My sister gave me a bag of odds and ends wooden shapes a while back and among the odds and ends were these cute little wooden button stars. So I painted them red, white and blue. I tapped a little hole into the top of the can (really the bottom, I flipped them over for this project) with a small nail and hammer. Then I cut some wire and twisted it up for the "fuse."

I used just a touch of hot glue to put the star on the wire and the wire on the can and here is the finished product. Mine aren't as tall and skinny as the ones at the store, but like I told Tall Man, "Tall, skinny fireworks are sissy fireworks. These are MAN fireworks! (enter Tim Taylor grunt.)"


  1. I like yours better!!! Plus you used stuff you already had. Double win in my book.

  2. Cute idea! These look terrific. The wire fuses are great! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy 4th of July! ~ sarah

  3. These have great "pop" appeal! The fuses as mentioned are the icing on the cake!

  4. I adore your patriotic spirit. It is red, white and bluetiful!

    I hope you'll stop by for a visit and see my Anthropologie inspired Americana tablecloth.

  5. These are adorable, I'll bet pringle cans would work as well.