Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Note Pad

I borrowed this idea from How Does She? and I think it turned out great. My girls and I made these for their AWANA leaders as a thank you for their time and dedication.

Here's a list of what you'll need:
Ream of printer paper (About $4 at Staples, probably much less at Wal-Mart.)
Pens (Dollar Tree)
Markers (already had)
Curling Ribbon (already had)
Candy (a couple bags, around $5)
A local Kinko's or Office Supply store to "pad" the paper. (Cutting and padding cost about $6.00)
Total: $15.00 to make 3 gifts!!!

I picked up my paper at Staples and asked about having them cut and pad it but they were going to have to send it away and it would take about a week. I tend to procrastinate and didn't have a week. So plan B was Kinko's. They were able to cut the paper and pad it in the store, it was ready for me in less than 24 hours and only about $6.00. (For those of you who may not know, "padding" is the soft glue stuff on the one side of note pad.) We brought the note pads home and my girls went to town with some markers. They colored rainbows, crosses, thank you's and Jesus loves you's on the sides. They wrote a personal thank you on the top sheet and we tied ribbon around it with a pretty pen clipped on top.

These look great, but doesn't this look a little better?
Put a note pad and some candy in a gift bag and voila, a personalized thank you for that special leader or teacher.


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  1. super cute! did you know that you can actually buy that glue at the craft stores? the craft store in my town doesn't have it, but i did find it online awhile ago... it was pretty cheap... though, i don't know if i'd want to cut all the paper myself...
    i might have to copy your idea. super cute!

  2. I didn't know that. I'll have to check out our craft stores. I agree on cutting the paper. I don't think I'd end up with paper the same size. =o)

  3. Good thinking! Thanks for sharing at Anything Related last week! ~Bridgette