Monday, May 24, 2010


Last Wednesday my Tall Man, girlies and I loaded up in our "oh so cool" mini-van and headed West for a little mini-vacation with my favorite in-laws. We picked up Dutch Bros, The Kicker is my summer time fave! Yum!! Anyway, our drive was uneventful until we ran into rain blowing in sideways and gusts that practically pushed us over the line. Then as I'm bragging about having driven the whole way and we're coming in to the first town for at least an hour the check engine and traction control light pop on and this flashes on the dash board. Not exactly what you want to see when you're still two hours from your destination, it's pouring down rain outside and the three little girlies and Pomeranian are getting antsy in the back. Thank goodness we were coming into a town. We googled the message and found that we should definitely find a place to stay for the night and have our car checked out first thing in the morning. So that's exactly what we did.
The next morning Tall Man got up before the rest of us and took the van to a dealership and had things taken care of. Thanks babe! The girls and I stayed back and did some damage on the Holiday Inn's continental breakfast. The coffee was pretty good and let's face it, that's what's important.
We made it to the in-laws and were able to relax. Then my dad and his girlfriend caught up with us and we took my dad to his first professional sports event. A Seattle Mariners Game. It was cold, windy, rainy and they lost. But baseball is the BEST sport ever so we survived. Here are a few shots from the game.

This one speaks for itself, Welcome to Safeco Field!

My dad and I at his first pro game. Happy birthday Dad!

#51 Ich-I-Ro! Ich-I-Ro! Ich-I-Ro!

It was retro Griffey Jr t-shirt night. Here you can see the crowd swinging their shirts to rally against San Diego. Unfortunately it didn't work and the Mariners lost the game.

Even though our van broke down and we didn't see a winning game, it was a pretty fun mini-vacation. My in-laws house is SO relaxing, I love spending time there. It was also nice for my Tall Man to share where he grew up with my family. As fun as vacations are, it's always nice to be home.

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