Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Good Read: Heaven is for Real

So I wrote my last "A Good Read" post one day and said I was going to start reading Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. Well I started it that afternoon and finished it the next morning. It is such a good, quick, easy read.
I have a few friends who had read this book before me and they said it completely changed their perspective of what Heaven is like. I have to admit this book brought up a few things that I kind of sat back and went "Hmph, I never thought of that before." I think it will make the majority of people think about eternity a little differently.
I also really like Todd Burpo's {the little boy's dad} writing style. It's like your sitting on a big comfy chair across from him with a cup of coffee and he's actually telling you about his son. I think that's what makes Heaven is for Real such an easy read.
Have you read it? What is your opinion on this book? Please share!!


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  1. i just finished it! and i totally agree with you! makes you wonder :) loved it!!