Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's time to start our little garden. Actually it was time about a month ago but we were still getting snow about once a week. Lovely Northwest weather!
Because our weather was so unpredictable through the month of April and early May, we started our garden inside. We went to Lowe's and picked up one of these...
And some of these...
And got to work doing this...
Wow. Right?
Okay so we followed the directions for the indoor greenhouse and planted some of our seeds. We put the lid on and placed the greenhouse on our dining room table, right in front of our big sliding glass door that lets lots of sunshine in. I thought this would be a great way to start our little garden.
I was wrong. About a week into it all of our starts had this layer of white fuzzy fungus all over them. I did a little Googling and talked to a couple green thumb friends and determined that this was normal if the plants were too moist and warm. I should take the lid off the green house and worse case scenario the plants won't germinate.
Well I didn't want to waste a bunch of time and energy growing plants that weren't going to germinate. So our little starts went into the garbage and we started over. This time I left the lid off the greenhouse and the starts are doing fantastic! We haven't had any of that white fungus. Yay!
Here is how our veggie and sunflower starts look right now.
We need to clean up our raised garden bed a little before we can put the starts in the ground. Apparently we were growing rocks over the winter. So once those are taken out and we add a little compost into the dirt we'll be ready to rock. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


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