Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Good Read: Grace Based Parenting

For the past ten weeks or so I've been attending W.I.S.H. (Women Intentionally Seeking Him) at my church every Tuesday morning. There are several different workshops offered, I picked Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. Parenting is a HUGE part of my life right now and I figured we could all use a little help in the Grace department.
Each week we read a chapter and discussed the questions in the back of the book. It was very interesting to get the perspectives of the women around me. Dr. Kimmel really went into depth about raising our children in a home of grace.
Many parts were very eye opening. Such simple things I was doing or saying to my little chicks that could quite possibly be crushing their spirit. Something I NEVER want to do. I learned a lot from this book and would recommend it to any parent who wants to raise their children with the grace our Lord gives us.
Here are a few things I highlighted/underlined in my book:
  • Kids brought up in an environment of legitimate praise build a strong resistance against the insults and put-downs that often bombard them from our culture.
  • They need to see us turning to God with confidence when we are afraid, out of energy, out of ideas, or out of money. They need to see how we have trusted Him to overcome our helplessness in every situation.
  • One of the great factors that determine whether children grow up to be these kinds of healthy adults (i.e., adults who are not dominated and manipulated by their feelings) is how their vulnerabilities are handled when they are children.
  • Grace-based homes provide and outlet where the children can respectfully voice their disappointment without fear of reprisals.
You can check out more about parenting, marriage and family at the Family Matters website, their blog and specifically grace based parenting, here.
Now I'm off to read the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.


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