Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Last weekend my Dad and his girlfriend came over for dinner and a little pumpkin carving action. After the Parmesan chicken was cleaned up we brought our pumpkins in and got to work. I think the hardest thing was deciding what to carve. My middle chick was determined to do her pumpkin 100% on her own. And with the exception of making the first cut to take the top of, she did. She scooped, cleaned, drew and carved her pumpkin all by herself!
The other two girls wanted something a little more than a pumpkin face so we went to a couple different sites for inspiration. Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart both have some awesome ideas!
We ended up with a scaredy cat and a cat face. And here they are...
(Please don't mind my little chick in her panties. We're going through an anti-pants phase.)
Did you get creative with your pumpkin carving?

Harvest blessings.

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