Friday, November 5, 2010

Season of Change

You may have noticed I've been pretty inactive these last couple weeks. Our family is going through a season of change right now and it's been keeping me away from Blogger.
In the last six weeks we've added this adorable family to our household. This is my best friend from high school, her husband and their precious daughter. It's been so much fun having a baby in the house again. Look at that face, can you blame me for being away from my laptop?
My middle daughter has started counseling to try to work through some issues with anxiety at school. Notice her first grade school picture. That is not a happy face.
Most recently we've had a "change of employment status" in our house. For the first time in his life my Tall Man is unemployed. He has been an amazing person through all of this, I can't believe how much my respect, adoration and love for him has increased through this "change of employment status." Now we're on the hunt for new opportunity. Even though this may be a stressful time, we're both very excited to see what God has in store for us.
With all of this going on I missed posting on Halloween. Better late than never. Here are my little chicks. The Magician (costume made by my Mom), the butterfly (made by me) and the black kitty cat.
Harvest Blessings.

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