Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Trip

Last week I went with a handful of moms and about a dozen preschoolers on their first class field trip. We met at the preschool, loaded up the students and caravaned twenty minutes down the road to a place called Carver Farms. My family has been to Carver Farms before and I've taken a couple MOPS group trips out there as well. This trip was especially fun though. It was the first time I went out there with only one child. Not that I don't enjoy all my chicks together but if you're a parent you know how nice it is to spend time with just one of your children. You can give them your undivided attention and really enjoy what you're doing with them.
We spent a couple hours at Carver doing a lot of fun things. First we gathered together and went through the corn maze.
When we made our way out we were directed over to the many rows of popcorn. Each person could pick two ears of corn. Any size or color. We also took home a copy of drying and popping instructions for the popcorn, I'll have to share with you how that turns out.
While we waited for our tractor ride we picked a couple green peppers.
Then climbed up onto a trailer and sat on bails of hay while a tractor pulled us out to the pumpkin patch. Once we were given instructions all the kids and parents unloaded and spread out to find the perfect two gourds, two mini pumpkins and one small pumpkin. This was the fun part, watching all the children run around looking for the smallest mini pumpkin or the gourd with the most "warts." They were so cute! My littlest chick found her two favorite "little mini pumpkins" and a couple small gourds. I found a really cool yellow gourd that looks like a star at the bottom.
Once every one's bag was full we loaded back onto the tractor and to a large maple tree with picnic tables around it. Here everyone got a bag of popcorn and gathered around the tree for a class picture. Here's a snapshot of my little one picking popcorn out of her teeth with her teacher. Lol.
When we got home I cleaned up our harvest and took a picture to share. I'm terrible because there's a part of me that really wants to spray paint some of these babies a nice Heirloom White.

Harvest blessings.

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