Monday, October 4, 2010

Acorn Frame

When I was a little girl my mom would take my sister and I to meet my grandma at a local park every fall. We would go in late September or early October, depending on how quickly the cool air was setting in. What were we doing there? We were collecting acorns. Tons of them! I remember my mom would clean them up and make Christmas crafts. Ornaments and all sorts of things. They were so cute!It has been years since we collected acorns but I've decided this year we should start again. Unfortunately we'll be missing a very important person, my grandma Bea. She was an amazing grandma, we shared a love of softball and grilled cheese sandwiches. We have however added four little ladies to the group, my three daughters and my niece, and we'll remember our grandma with every acorn we collect.
This autumn our weather can't really decide what it's going to do. One week it's raining and 55, the next it's sunny and 80. Aaackkk!! Makes it hard to plan. My mom decided just to send me some acorns she had from a past trip to the park so I could start the autumn crafts I had in mind. We will go collect acorns as a family when the weather makes up it's mind and maybe my mom will show us how to make the Christmas ornaments she made when I was a child.
My first acorn project was inspired by one of my very favorite magazines, Better Homes and Gardens.
I haven't decided what I'm going to put in the frame but here is how my acorn frame turned out.
In these pictures, it's framing my dining room table centerpiece. I'm sure I'll find something to frame. Maybe it will sit empty until I go with my mom, sister and our girls to collect acorns, restarting a family tradition.
Do you have any special autumn family traditions? Do share!

Autumn Blessings.


  1. Beautiful!!! I'm guessing we should be planning that trip in the near future. Mom

  2. I've been having my little boys collect tons of acorns for the last couple of weeks. This would be the perfect project for some of them.

  3. Today is my first time on Pintrist. Love it! and I love your idea. My 3 and half yr old little girl will love doing this with me! she is always collecting acorns in our yard she collects them lol now she can have someplace to really use them for! cant wait to get a frame to glue them on and let her help! I think I will take some pictures of her while she collects them and put in frame to set out for the fall.

  4. This is precious - found it on pinterest. Excited to be following you... would love for you to join in on my Harvest Tour of Homes coming up (Monday, Sept 24)... Hope you can visit my site to check it out...