Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dum Dum Valentines

Every time I hear dum dum I think of Night at the Museum "Dumb dumb, give me some gum gum." My girls love that line.
Anyway, back to the subject at hand, dum dum Valentines. I talked to all three chicks about making their Valentines this year and showed them some ideas I have seen in blogland and in magazines. They each wanted something different from the other, so I was super excited. I could create three different blog posts just on making Valentine's. Doesn't every blogger think to herself "This could be a blog post!" when a new project is about to begin?
Instead of three posts I am only making two because my older chicks both wanted to use dum dum suckers. I am sure you have all seen the the little flower Valentines with a dum dum sucker in the middle. I have always wanted to make them for one of my little chicks and this year I actually thought far enough in advance I have made it a reality. So we have flowers, cupcakes and ice cream cone Valentines.
My middle daughter loved the simple flower design so I used my Cricut to cut a bunch of hearts. I used the George cartridge but several cartridges have heart shapes so you could use whatever you want. Next I put her to work using a single hole punch to put a hole about 1/4 inch up from the bottom point of each heart. When she was done with that she took three hearts, lined up the circles and glued them together with a little Elmer's glue. Once they dried we popped the sucker through the center and bent the hearts up a little so they looked more like petals. And we were done. Now all she has to do is write names and hand them out.
As for my oldest, she knew she didn't want the same thing as her sister, however she did want to use the dum dums. I went through my Cricut cartridges looking for something that might work. On the Straight From the Nest cartridge there are cupcakes and ice cream cones with cherries on top. I thought "Well, that might work." So we cut a bunch of cupcakes and ice cream cones, punched a hole where the cherry was and put the dum dum in. Now instead of a cherry on top there's another sweet treat.
They're not real fancy but they're cute, just like my girls and we're happy with them.