Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clientele Box

I don't know about you, but I don't trust many people with my hair. Not like I protect my hair like JLo protects her rear end. I've just had a few mishaps with my hair over the years. My hair isn't straight but it's definitely not curly either. It's just kind of in between. Once when I was in the 8th grade I was having the front of my hair straightened, well the stylist started chatting it up and forgot about me under the dryer. She ended up burning off a patch of my hair!! It was awful!! Obviously I didn't go back there again.
Through high school and my wedding I had an incredible lady named Shelley who could work wonders with my hair. But one day when pregnant with my second daughter I was informed Shelley had been promoted to salon manager and was no longer doing hair. Boo hoo. Luckily Shelley set me up with another stylist she thought I'd love, Liza. She was right.
That was almost eight years ago. In that time Liza has done my hair every time I've had something done. Except one time and my hair didn't turn out right. Teaches me for wanting instant gratification and not waiting for Liza to have an opening.
Anyway, recently she moved into a house with a full basement where she has her own full salon set up. I wanted to do something nice for her because she has always been so nice to me and well, she just deserves it. There's no way I could get her a new straightener or chair (those things are spendy!) So I decided to make her a clientele box. This way she can keep track of every one of her customers and how they like their hair. Whether Bob wants a 3 or 5 cut? Or does Sue like her hair dyed to a 5 or an 8? I'm not completely sure what all that means, but I've heard it said in the salon world.
I picked up a recipe box from the dollar bin at Michael's and painted the edges with black craft paint.
While the paint was drying I cut out my black and white scrapbook paper to cover the rest of the box with. I used a little Mod Podge to apply it.
Then using my Wall Decor and More Cricut cartridge I cut out an L in bright pink for the front of the box. I applied the L with a little Mod Podge as well.
Then gave the whole box a thin coat of Polycrylic. I figure there is a possibility the box may get a spritz of water or spray gel so I wanted it to be protected. Here is the finished clientele box.
I was excited to give Liza the box that fateful Tuesday afternoon, the day I got my first grey. Ack! She seemed to really like it too. I hope so!


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  1. That is super cute!!! I hope she loves it!